Welcome To Dwelling Designs

Decorating your home has never been easier! The Dwelling Designs concept is an affordable, fixed-price approach to interior decorating. Detailed designs are beautifully created and specifically tailored for your home reflecting your style and personality, but most importantly adhering to your budget.

Dwelling Designs has created Decorating Solutions Packages to provide solid interior decorating advice, direction, and selections for its clients, meeting the needs of the do-it-yourself client along with those who prefer differing degrees of assistance.

Dwelling Designs make selections for furniture, window treatments, accessories and more for you based on your initial consultation and questionnaire. These selections are then professionally assembled in a Decorating Portfolio that is yours to keep, showing you the potential within your home and the ease with which to decorate it.

Let Dwelling Designs do the leg-work for you by helping you turn the overwhelming task of decorating your home into an enjoyable and tangible experience so you can fully appreciate the place that you call home.

Dwelling Designs, LLC is a full service residential interior decorating company. It is owned and operated by its creator, Karen Haggard, C.I.D.

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